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Knowledge Bank. During over 40 trips and thousands of meetings, we have amassed a vast amount of knowledge, ideas, information and insight. This can be yours, if you buy access to our 50+ report library.

Advisory, Access & Matchmaking:  All of those trips and meetings have positioned us to offer high-touch, customized service to clients. These are just a few examples—contact us to discuss how we can support your business:

  • An experienced frontier-markets investor commented that she reads our reports "to find out what happens next". She particularly values our broad perspective and deep knowledge. 
  • A global fixed-income fund manager visits countries including Angola, Zambia, Ethiopia, Congo Republic, Rwanda, and Nigeria) to meet with central bank governors and ministers of finance. We arrange private meetings with executives in the real economy, to augment the macro view.
  • A top-tier global institutional investor has groups of professionals making coordinated decisions about exposures to bonds, equities, and unlisted investments. They count on us for direct, real-time feedback from our trips, and they question us during extended conference calls or meetings on our return.
  • A global machinery firm bought our research for a business development group, where the team had been relying solely upon web searches and desktop research for their information. The firm benefited from our knowledge, context, and advice in their strategic planning. Another corporate client came to us after several costly false starts in West African markets—and found that our advice saved them time, mistakes, and money as they built out new markets.
  • A US maker of transportation equipment retained ASP to make introductions to decision-makers in major markets, support the company's presence at industry conferences, and connect with customers and partners. This client relationship brought us significant domain knowledge, which we are using to attract financing to the sector—thereby boosting demand for our client's products.
  • An African energy company asked us to write a fully independent sector analysis for their annual report, offering a fresh, unbiased perspective on long-term drivers of demand for their products and services. 
  • We are regularly invited to speak at corporate gatherings, conferences, and seminars to offer an independent point of view, or to provide context on how Africa fits within a client's strategy.